Hood Cleaning

Hood Cleaning

Hood Exhaust Cleaning

Stay Safe & Compliant with Fire Code

Team North Bay distinguishes itself from other companies in the industry by providing a full “top-to-bottom” cleaning. While other companies often come in and only clean the portion visible from the kitchen, we recognize that the true fire hazard lies in the areas that are not immediately visible – namely, the flue and the fan on the roof. Our custom-built hood cleaning trucks are equipped with vacuum tankers, as well – which allows us to provide competitive pricing on Grease Trap Pumping and our proprietary Hot Water Hydrojetting at the time of your Hood Cleaning!

  • We clean the entire kitchen exhaust hood to bare metal.
  • We use the highest quality equipment and materials.
  • We ensure the restaurant is not only clean but also safe.

keeping up with fire code is more important than ever

Hood cleaning is no place to cut corners, and the risk taken in hiring a fly-by-night company that is untrained and ill equipped to clean the entire system never pays off. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that every year about 11,000 restaurants experience a devastating kitchen fire caused by improper cleaning of the exhaust system. Restaurant owners may literally be playing with fire by not having the entire system cleaned. Further, it puts restaurants at risk of severe damage to the building and insurance claim exclusion.

Before and After Photos

Since it can be difficult for managers and owners to access the flue and fan to check that they are cleaned, we provide before and after photos. Our photo assurance program provides these photos of every job, every time so that you know the entire system is being cleaned to bare metal.

Benefits of Regular Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

  • Significant reduction of grease fire hazard
  • Healthier work environment for kitchen staff from improved air quality
  • More pleasant dining experience by eliminating burnt grease odors wafting from the kitchen
  • Assists in maintaining a more hygienic kitchen by preventing rancid grease drippings
  • Energy savings from a regularly cleaned system which requires less energy to run efficiently

Fire Code NFPA 96

“Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts, and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to bare metal or the original factory coating at frequent intervals prior to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with grease or oily sludge.” In plain English, the law requires that the entire system (lower portion, filters, flue, and fan on the roof) be cleaned regularly to prevent grease build-up that leads to fires.