Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping

Grease traps and grease interceptors are a vital part of your kitchen, but this important component can be easily overlooked until it’s overflowing or wreaking havoc on your plumbing. To function properly and to avoid Health Department citations, grease traps and grease interceptors need to be serviced regularly to prevent grease from backing up into the city lines. Our dedicated team and equipment can provide a set, recurring schedule to clean your indoor or outdoor grease trap or interceptor regularly, keeping your kitchen compliant with the Health Department.

Team North Bay is licensed by the state of California to collect and transport inedible kitchen grease.

  • Our automated scheduling system allows you to dictate how often your grease trap/interceptor is serviced and gives you the peace of mind that it will be serviced regularly so that you never have to worry about remembering to call to schedule an appointment.
  • You tell us how often you need it pumped, and our technicians arrive like clockwork to pump the grease trap/interceptor without any interference or disruption to your kitchen’s operations.
  • We provide before and after photos with each invoice so that you are able to verify that the grease trap was pumped. We keep these photos on file forever; so when you need to access them later, we always have them ready for you.

BONUS: When you choose to recycle your used cooking oil with Team North Bay, your first grease trap pumping is on us – completely free! Call now to speak with one of our team members about scheduling your first free grease trap service.

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