North Bay Restaurant Services Grease Trap Pumping

Your grease trap/interceptor is a vital part of your kitchen equipment, but this important component can be easily overlooked until it’s full. North Bay Restaurant Services is fully licensed by the State of California to collect and transport inedible grease, and with our dedicated team and equipment can provide a set schedule to empty your indoor or outdoor Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptor (Grease Trap) or Gravity Grease Interceptor (Grease Interceptor) regularly, keeping your kitchen in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.

Clean Grease Traps and Interceptors include:

  • Remaining in compliance with local environmental regulations
  • Keeping our sewers and groundwater systems clean and pure
  • Reduced odors from your facility caused by overfull/leaking grease traps and interceptors
  • Fewer drain and sewage issues due to blockage caused by overfull traps

Hydro Jetting: We believe Hydro Jetting should be part of your preventive maintenance plan so you can keep your plumbing cost down.

Please contact our sales team now to arrange a personalized consultation and no-obligation service estimate at your location. Let us show you how North Bay Restaurant Services can be your one-stop shop for grease trap pumping, hood and flue cleaning and even fryer oil recycling!